Monday, August 03, 2009

Big XII Players Say Nebraska Has Best Fans, Worst Mascot

The Oklahoman polled 29 of the 38 players who appeared at last week's Big XII media days, and 29% selected Nebraska's fans as the best in the Big XII. (To be fair, 11% in turn chose Nebraska's fans as the worst.) Said one Big XII North division defensive player:
"Nebraska fans always cheer you on, even though they want you to lose."
It all goes back to the old line: Nebraska has it's good fans and bad fans. Nebraska's bad fans are as bad as everybody else's. But painting all Husker fans with the broad brush of bad --- or good, for that matter --- simply isn't accurate. In other topics that the Oklahoma polled players on:

Herbie Husker and 'Lil Red didn't fare so well, tying with Cy the Cyclone for worst mascot. (Although the poll didn't distinguish between the two, I'd bet that poster child for waste of natural resources, 'Lil Red probably was the problem.) Strangely, 10% voted Herbie and Red best mascot.

Bo Pelini tied with Art Briles for third at 13% of the coach players would like to play for. Gary Pinkel, Dan Hawkins, and Mike Sherman failed to get a single vote. Bob Stoops ran away with this one with 39%; Mack Brown received 17% of the vote.

Nebraska's Memorial Stadium tied for second with Texas A&M for best stadium, trailing Texas' Royal Stadium. Iowa State's Jack Trice Stadium was voted the worst stadium, with Missouri's Faurot Field tying Baylor for second worst.


Dave H. said...

Were players allowed to vote for their own coach as the one they'd most like to play for? If so, must be awkward for several B12 coaches to realize their own players didn't vote for them.

Husker Mike said...

According to the Oklahoman: "In the poll, players weren't allowed to vote for their own school, teammates or coach. None of the players who participated from OU and Texas was asked either of the two questions about the Red River Rivalry. Not all chose to answer every question, but of the 29, many did. To allow for candid responses, answers are being kept anonymous."