Friday, August 28, 2009

Quentin Castille Transfering to Northwestern (LA) State

The Lincoln Journal-Star reports that former Husker I-back Quentin Castille is transferring to Northwestern State, a division 1-AA (officialy known as the Football Championship Subdivision or FCS) school in Natchitoches, LA. Since Castille is transferring down a division, he'll be eligible to play immediately.

Not a surprising move, and it's great to see Castille staying in school. Conspiracy theorists who think that Bo Pelini was somehow out to "get" Castille should note that Castille's new head coach is Bradley Dale Peveto, who is in his first season coaching the Demons. Peveto previously was linebackers coach at LSU during Pelini's three year stint as the Tigers' defensive coordinator.

You think that Peveto didn't talk to Pelini in the last week about Castille? The writing on the wall is clear to me in this situation. It doesn't matter what Castille did (or didn't do) to get thrown off the team to me. Castille broke a rule, and by all accounts did it over and over and over again. Castille was warned that if he did it again, he'd be off the team. It happened again, and forced Pelini's hand. But Pelini didn't just wash his hands of the situation, he helped him find another program and essentially gave him yet another chance.

Let's hope Quentin finally learned his lesson, and makes the most of his opportunity to get back on the football field. He has too much talent to waste it on off-the-field issues.

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