Thursday, January 28, 2010

OWH profile of Alex Hudson

Not much to add about Alex Hudson than what the World-Herald's Chad Purcell writes, but I think Hudson could be one of the best UNO hockey players when his career is done.  Maybe not quite at the Scott Parse, Bill Thomas, Jeff Hoggan, Greg Zanon, or Dan Ellis level...but not far off either.

Speaking of Scott Parse, he's really starting to put together a nice rookie season with the LA Kings.  According to "Jewels from the Crown", he leads the Kings in terms of goals per 60 minutes on the ice. (H/T:  MavPuck)

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Anonymous said...

I did a profile on Hudson from his rookie season with the Storm transitioning to the Mavs. I liked how he calmed down a lot when he got the puck deep, but more importantly, his cohesiveness integrating into different line assignments...I say penguins third round.