Friday, August 20, 2010

Preseason BlogPoll Ballot Draft

Let me start off by saying I hate preseason polls. It's all a bunch of guesswork based on what you think teams have coming back and how it translates to this season...or in other words, it's a big wild-ass guess. Which is fine, except that these preseason rankings have a way of becoming entrenched.  If teams win, but they don't look as good as you thought they would be, you'd think that pollsters would move them down...but many voters don't feel you can drop someone unless they lose.

I'm a big believer in a "power poll", and that the rankings should be based by how strong you think a team is. Last year, I caught all sorts of grief by keeping Oklahoma up there in the rankings even though they lost several squeakers in September and October. (I think the number of Sooners that were selected in the NFL Draft validates just how good the Sooners probably were, even if their won-loss record didn't reflect it.) But the problem with a "power poll" is that you have absolutely zippo to base your preseason rankings on.

So what to do? Well, take your best shot and rank the teams as you think, knowing full well that you are guessing.  Any issues will eventually work their way out, as real results will quickly overwhelm these preseason guesses.

So after throwing down these guesses, where am I out of line?  Who is too high?  Who'd I forget?

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