Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Night Beer: Nebraska Just Loves a Good Quarterback Rumor

'Twas a busy weekend for myself this weekend, attempting to build a new playset for the kids.  Attempting being the operative word, as I long blew past the estimated "7-9 hours" of assembly time.  I guestimate it's about 2/3rds done after 14 hours of work.

I don't think I missed a whole lot this weekend though, as some people obsessed about the Taylor Martinez situation. About all we know at this point is that Martinez missed a practice, apparently with Bo Pelini's knowledge. Is there something more to this? Perhaps. Is it any of our business?  Unlikely. In this situation, fans start recalling Harrison Beck and Eric Crouch, and start assuming "here we go again." whether it's even remotely a similar situation. Heck, fans still criticize Crouch for going back to talk to Fred Petito, his high school coach...even though he never even missed a practice.

Speaking of players transferring, looks like Nebraska is catching former Washington tight end Kavario Middleton, who was dismissed by coach Steve Sarkisian last month for off-the-field issues. Middleton will have to grow up pretty darn fast and live by the rules Pelini lays down; if he doesn't, Middleton probably won't have a third chance to play college football at the 1-A level.

Spending the weekend outside with the power tools meant that I didn't get a chance to watch much of the PGA Championship this weekend. In fact, I didn't even know about the controversy until late last evening. Good thing for sports talk though; if Dustin Johnson hadn't handed the media this story line, they would have had to revert back to the old tired "nobody cares about golf unless Tiger Woods is in contention" storyline.

Friday night, I did get a chance to walk across the new Bob Kerrey bridge for the first time; it was a nice evening for a stroll along the river. But what struck me was the walk back into Omaha and seeing TD Ameritrade Park emerging as you reach the peak. This will be the new "money shot" ESPN uses during next year's College World Series.

Speaking of ballparks, did anybody catch former Jay Leno writer Brad Dickson's quip yesterday about the new ballpark at BFE?
The Omaha Royals held “Star Wars” Night. I heard the Royals were paying tribute to “A galaxy, far, far away” and assumed they meant Sarpy County.
I had to chuckle this morning at deposed Husker Information Minister Jim Rose's veiled reference to Bill Callahan this morning as he criticized USC coach Lane Kiffin's reference to a bowl game as just another game. This from the man who did his darndest to sell us what Callahan and Steve Pederson were trying to shove down the throats of Husker fans. So did Rose finally realize he was wrong before? Hardly. He's just got his schtick down where he'll say anything and everything that he thinks people want to hear. Four years ago, it was pumping Callahan and Pederson's clusterfool. Now relegated to being the sidekick on KFAB's morning show, he's reduced to making outrageous statements about Omaha's police and fire unions.


Anonymous said...

You nailed Rose He is nothing but a tool. Rose should try to get on FOX.

Anonymous said...

What outrageous thing has Rose said about the police and fire unions? Clownahan and Pudersen, he was truly the minister of disinformation.

Husker Mike said...

One morning he suggested that the people who negotiated these contracts should be shot. Outrageous enough?