Monday, November 01, 2010

2010 BlogPoll: Week 10

Well, my gut feeling on Missouri was validated Saturday afternoon. Missouri is a good team, no doubt about it. They just aren't a top ten team. Nebraska, on the other hand, I think is. (Of course, I'm biased.) So my top seven is holding steady this week, though I felt like flipping Oklahoma and Utah this week.  That could change with the Utes playing TCU this week.  I have to move Iowa up after demolishing a previously undefeated Michigan State team.  Oregon State gets in despite three losses after wiping the field with Cal, and a slight nudge to Nevada to bring them into the poll.

Big XII PowerPoll
  1. Oklahoma
  2. Nebraska
  3. Missouri
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Baylor
  6. Kansas State
  7. Texas A&M
  8. Iowa State
  9. Texas
  10. Texas Tech
  11. Colorado
  12. Kansas
I think my Big XII rankings are starting to settle down.  I think I still give Oklahoma the edge over Nebraska, if only for "better loss". I'm bumping up A&M to seventh with the quarterback change.  Texas Tech, Colorado, and Kansas are just plain bad. But Texas?  They're playing like the #9 team in the conference, but do I really think they're only the ninth best team? That's a tough one to answer.

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