Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 BlogPoll Week 14

Here's my BlogPoll ballot for this week:

I'm not penalizing Boise State as much for their road loss. I've been forgiving of losses like this all season.  I really struggled with finding a team to add into the lineup, and I was down to Hawai'i or Notre Dame...and went for the Irish.  I couldn't forgive Hawai'i for their loss to Colorado...

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Husker Mike said...

I got some e-mail feedback, so I've made the following changes. I was convinced that I was using old biases that don't necessarily apply anymore, so South Carolina dropped to #17. Virginia Tech drops to #18 because if I don't think Boise is a top 3-4 team, that early loss doesn't look as good. And while Oklahoma State has been more impressive than we originally thought, they probably were ranked too high. They're #19.

That allows Nebraska to move up to #13, Texas A&M to #14, Missouri to #15, and Nevada to jump to #16 (rewarding them for upsetting Boise).