Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cody Green Thinks Some Fans Should Lay Off Watson As Well

A couple of quick notes about Shawn Watson from today's Omaha World-Herald

Says Cody Green:
‘Hey, you know what? It’s time to back off a little bit.’
My pre-Christmas post about the excessive criticism of Shawn Watson got a lot of responses, and I posted nearly all of them other than the super simplistic "Watson sucks" messages. I'm not suggesting that Watson shouldn't be criticized at at all, but if you are going to continue to criticize the guy, have something to back it up beside the generalities.  And frankly, after reading all those responses, I think the critics are talking more out of frustration than anything else.

Tom Shatel adds this little item that refutes some of the criticism from the comments:
And, to be fair, Watson did an admirable job of taking the big step toward the Pelini vision. He called several good games in 2010. Even put his foot on Missouri's throat with the power run game.
I criticized Watson's decision to leave Taylor Martinez in the Big XII Championship game in the second half, so I don't believe that Watson shouldn't be questioned, but after a while, it's gotten too much and too unsubstantiated.  I don't believe that we should blindly believe in our coaches no matter what, like the folks at BigRedBoard used to insist on during the Callahan/Pederson Error.

In the meantime, isn't there a game on Thursday night?  (Friday morning?)

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