Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Night Dessert: Only One Redeeming Factor of Holiday Bowl Rematch

When word of a Holiday Bowl rematch with Washington came out this evening, it took a while to digest what the point is.  10-3 Nebraska versus 6-6 Washington?  What's the point of this, especially after the Huskers absolutely destroyed the Huskies in Seattle?  Even the Washington fans over at the UW Dawg Pound can't believe this, as Washington and Nebraska will now play three times in the span of 365 days.

Iowa fans over at Black Heart Gold Pants aren't exactly thrilled to get Missouri, though they might take some solace in the fact that they'll probably find it easier to get tickets from the ticket office in Columbia than the one in Iowa City.  Missouri fans are, of course, thrilled because, well, they agree with the Iowa, Washington, and Nebraska fans that the Huskers got screwed on this one.

That's OK. I've found one redeeming factor for the Holiday Bowl matchup. Both games are late night affairs with 9 pm kickoffs...meaning the game will end the next day in Omaha.  For the Insight Bowl, that next day is Wednesday, which means a short night of sleep before having to go to work. For the Holiday Bowl, that next day is New Years Eve and a holiday, which means a chance to sleep in (kids permitting).

Whatever. It's important to put the disappointment over losing the championship game behind them, and focus on the rematch with the Huskies.  An eleven win season is still possible.

It wasn't a good weekend on the ice either, as UNO got swept by Bemidji State this weekend up north. From what I understand, it was an ugly weekend of hockey as the Beavers trapped the Mavs to gut out the wins. Look for UNO to slip out of the top five in the rankings this week.  Had to figure UNO was going to slip up one of these weeks.

The one bright side for the weekend was the Husker basketball team pulling off the second half comeback against Creighton. This win does wonders for keeping the chirpiness down around town. More importantly, it's a second win in the last two weekends with a big second half comeback.  Last year, Nebraska had a problem finishing games, breaking down in the second half, and more importantly, in the closing minutes of the game. Reversing that trend this season is certainly a welcome change.

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Adam F. said...

Really impressed with what Doc has going early on in Lincoln. I was able to watch the USC game (thank you Fox Sports) and liked what I saw.

This is the same team that let a game slip away against a top-tier SEC school just a few weeks ago. Against SC (and probably Creighton, but that game wasn't on out here) he was able to make enough adjustments to win the game.

The tough part for them this year is that they're going to have to find a way to finish.

I'd do cartwheels around the Beltway if he can pull 7 conference wins out of his hat this year.