Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night Dessert: Any Local March Madness Will Come From UNO Hockey

After the big victory over Texas one week ago, Nebraska basketball dribbled the ball out of bounds, so to speak, in losses to Kansas State and Iowa State in the last week. A week ago, one could hope that the Huskers could work their way into NCAA contention; now, they've likely got to win four games in Kansas City to do that. Easy to blow off the Husker basketball program, but I'm sticking with Doc Sadler for now.  Sadler's made his mistakes along the way, to be sure...but he hasn't had a lot of help either. The roster was in shambles when he arrived, and he made a few mistakes (Shang Ping anybody?). But the school failed him as well, especially when you consider the whole Roburt Sallie fiasco.

UNO's loss to Denver last night didn't break the Mavs season. Thanks to Minnesota-Duluth's tie at Colorado College last night, the Mavs remain in third place in the WCHA and jumped to eighth place in the Pairwise. Now they head to Duluth to secure that 3rd place finish, which would a heck of a finish for the Mavs first season in the WCHA.  In any event, it looks like UNO is going to be playing meaningful hockey games throughout the month of March.

Speaking of March, that means that spring football is coming up soon. I'm somewhat surprised by the number of tickets still remaining for the spring game. Did fans take the late season collapse that hard, or was Jim Rose really right in suggesting that fans are upset with Bo Pelini?

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Erin said...

I think people just can't afford to go. Beutler and Perlman are determined to kill the goose that laid the golden egg between tax hikes and ticket price increases.