Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Night Beer: Cosgrove Gets a Job While Husker Fans Wait

Tom Dienhart confirms tonight that Akron hired Kevin Cosgrove to be their new defensive coordinator. While I'm disappointed that Nebraska won't get to face a Cosgrove defense, it's a nice consolation prize to have Frank Solich's Ohio Bobcats get that opportunity.

Meanwhile, the World-Herald's Mitch Sherman found confirmation that Corey Raymond, Ross Els, and Rich Fisher are on the Husker staff -- in the UNL staff directory, of all places.  Why no official announcement yet? Good question, but I can think of two reasons:  (1) the future status of Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore still is unknown and probably still being resolved, and (2) John Garrison is still listed as a part-time intern. That means that some red tape still has to be cleared, so we still await the formal announcement.

UNO hockey jumped up to #13 in the USCHO rankings, ironically one spot behind Wisconsin. Those rankings are nice, but the Pairwise rankings are what's important, and right now, the Mavs are tied for 7th, which is good for a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament.  Right now, that probably sends the Mavs out to Connecticut to play Michigan, but there's a possibility they could get swapped out and sent to St. Louis to improve travel.  Still way too much hockey to play to get too concerned about this. I still think UNO could play their way all the way up to a #1 seed (not the #1 overall, mind you)...but could also play themselves right out of contention as well.  Just keep winning.

The Mavs are on the road this weekend at Alaska-Anchorage, which is a tough bit of travel. But anticipation is already growing on the series after that with #4 ranked Denver.  I'm hearing reports that last weekend's series got the attention of a lot of fans, and that there's a lot of interest.  Is it time for UNO to buy "SellOutDenver.com"?

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