Sunday, May 01, 2011

God Bless America

Thank you President Obama, and thank you to our brave military for finally bringing the man responsible to justice.


NU6NCS said...

Obama is not as ignorant as our former president Clinton who passed on getting OSAMA MULTIPLE TIMES. Some of, if not most of the credit should go to Bush and Cheney. Obama should be credited with keeping Bush's foreign policy in place. But the credit is really to be placed with our brave soldiers.

Now Obama can drop the charges against the soldiers and CIA who did the interogations on the orders of a policy that was agreed upon by both democrats and repubs.

Husker Mike said...

Most definitely, the Navy SEALS who pulled this off deserve our eternal thanks and credit for a remarkably successful mission. (Only flaw it seems was the loss of one helicopter...)

But I'll disagree about Bush and Cheney. They, after all, diverted resources from the hunt for Bin Laden for their wild goose chase in Iraq. Obama turned the primary focus back to Afghanistan and al Qaeda... and you cannot argue with the results.