Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Impact of Cody Green's Transfer

It became fairly apparent to me during this year's spring game that Cody Green's days at quarterback were numbered at Nebraska. Green had long been passed up by Taylor Martinez, and in that scrimmage, he was outplayed by Brion Carnes and probably walkon Ron Kellogg III as well. And if you believe the rumor mill, Kody Spano as well until a shoulder injury ended his career. So it wasn't a surprise that Green announced he was transferring. If he didn't transfer, I figured he'd find another position on the field.

To be sure, Green improved on his poise in the pocket as a sophomore, but seemed to regress in other areas. He overthrew wide-open receivers in the Holiday Bowl, and was rather fumble-prone. It seems Green's lone highlight of his Husker career was that 49 yard run against Florida Atlantic.

With that in mind, I don't think Green's decision to transfer is a big loss in terms of depth. Yes, it's a loss of experience...but Carnes looks to be ready to play. Kellogg looks like he could be serviceable, and certainly more reliable if we had to go three deep.  If Nebraska has to go beyond that, the season probably is in enough trouble... I don't know of too many teams that have to go to a fourth quarterback in a season.  In that case, Jamal Turner might get a look...and you never know whether Bubba Starling might not be around as well.  Heck, Rex Burkhead is there too... Plenty of options for Nebraska.

Where I think Green's loss is going to be felt is on the sideline. I get the impression that Green is the consummate team player; willing to do whatever it takes to help the team. Even sticking up for his offensive coordinator when many in this state were heating up the vats of tar last December.  He was always a great interview, and in that light, he'll be missed.

Where will Green end up? Hard to say...I've heard Boise State, Louisville (to rejoin Shawn Watson), and many Texas schools. Wherever it is, hopefully it all works out for him and he finds a good situation. I do wonder if this trend of quarterbacks bolting in search of playing time is all for the best, however.

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