Friday, December 09, 2011

Coach of the Year Ballot

I just submitted my vote to the FWAA for coach of the year.  Here's how I voted:
  1. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
  2. Bill Snyder, Kansas State
  3. Les Miles, LSU
  4. Brady Hoke, Michigan
  5. Dabo Swinney, Clemson

While Snyder may have had the most dramatic improvement this season, I went with Gundy because he's built a team that got jobbed out of a chance to play for a national championship.  (Sorry, I don't believe you can "clearly" say that Alabama is better than Oklahoma State.  And since Alabama already lost to LSU, Oklahoma State was the most deserving team to play in the BCS title game.)

Miles gets a mention for getting LSU into the title game...especially since people on the Bayou have been talking about firing him whenever he's not there.  (Kind of reminds me of a few Husker fans who want to fire Pelini for "only" going 9-3...) 

And no, I don't ever expect to see Charlie Weis anywhere near one of these ballots.

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