Thursday, March 28, 2013

UNO's 2013-14 Hockey Schedule Comes In Two Parts

The NCHC released the inaugural schedule for all eight hockey teams in the new conference, and UNO's  schedule is quite the dandy.  The biggest observation is that UNO has a three week holiday break, with no games scheduled between December 7th and January 3rd.  Before that holiday break is surrounded by road trips on both the front and back, plus another bye week on Thanksgiving weekend.

That's seven weeks without a home game.  UNO plays Miami on November 22nd and 23rd, then doesn't play again in Omaha until January 10th.  I've never seen a schedule like that; in fact, it's almost like UNO has two separate seasons scheduled this upcoming winter.

November's schedule is quite impressive.  A three-week stretch of home games against North Dakota, Michigan, and Miami.  You have to expect the NoDak fans to flock down I-29 for this series, which will run Saturday/Sunday to allow Creighton to open their basketball season on Friday night.  Only one game conflicts with a Husker home game; on November 16th, the Huskers host Michigan State while UNO plays Michigan.  The Huskers travel to Michigan for football on the North Dakota weekend and travel to Penn State on the Miami weekend.

The second half schedule is a little lighter with Minnesota-Duluth, St. Cloud State, Denver, and Colorado College coming to Omaha.  No marquee names to the casual sports fan, but you do have have recent national champion and two NCAA tourney teams from this season in the mix.

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