Monday, April 01, 2013

Kugler's Call Tells All You Need to Know When Kevin Ware's Leg Goes Wrong

Thanks to a cranky preschooler, I was spared from watching Kevin Ware's injury during today's NCAA tournament game between Louisville and Duke. It's probably something that every parent can identify with; the kids acting up while you are watching sports. When I came back and checked via Twitter, all I could find were tweets discussing how gruesome it was...but nothing that told me what had happened.
And of course, once it happened, nobody wanted to see it replayed ever again.  Only problem is that those of us who missed it, the tweets didn't say what had happened.   And of course, that led to the video showing up on YouTube and other sources where people inevitably went to learn what had happened, if they had missed it.
Even worse, I came across a photo which may - or may not - have been of the actual injury on Instagram. Sadly, it was shown to me by a very frightened young girl who saw something graphic and gory on the iPhone. 

Couldn't there be a happy medium in reporting these incidents?  Nobody needs to see what happened again; if you saw it live, that was enough and couldn't be helped. YouTube or zoomed in photos not only aren't necessary in these situations, they are simply deplorable.  But by that same manner, just calling it an "injury" and "gory" isn't exactly helpful.  Heck, none of the reports I had even indicated which team had suffered the injury...

That's where radio came in, and Kevin Kugler's sensitive and accurate call of the play.

"It's very very bad, and it is a leg that has gone the wrong direction.. I can see it from here. It is abs...all of the players, his teammates, are on the floor, Siva, Behanan can't even look, he's rolling around at the free throw line,  Russ Smith is coming the floor nearly in tears, Rick Pitino's away from the huddle, Russ Smith is in tears Behanan is crying, sobbing, at the free throw line as Kevin Ware is down in front of the Louisville bench, his leg turned a way that a leg is not supposed to go. This .. is .. devastating, and this team is absolutely shaken to the core right now."
Pretty much said everything you needed to know about the injury and it's severity...but without the gory details.  Props to Kugler for making the right call in that situation...

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Anonymous said...

Kugs strikes me as an ahole but he's very good. From what I understand ULC hasn't been close to the same since he left.