Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Ten Power Poll, Week 4

The big news is that Michigan finally fell from their perch atop my Power Poll ballot, as submitted to CornNation.com.  Their season opening victory over Central Michigan now looks like an abberation after close calls against Akron and winless UConn.  And their win over Notre Dame doesn't look all that great after watching the Irish struggle with Purdue and then Michigan State.  So now my new #1 team in the Big Ten is Wisconsin.

1. Wisconsin

They got hozed by the refs at Arizona State. They've been the most consistent team in the Big Ten, in my opinion.

2. Ohio State

Why not Ohio State on top?  Buffalo scored 20, Cal scored 34.  We'll learn more this Saturday.

3. Northwestern

They are winning. Maybe not the toughest competition, but they've been winning.

4. Nebraska

Tough call between Michigan and the Huskers. Both teams have their issues, but Wyoming is way better than Akron, while South Dakota State is probably comparable to UConn.  And Michigan hasn't played anybody like UCLA to this point.

5.  Michigan

I suspect that Oklahoma is going to go Boomer Sooner all over South Bend this weekend, and that week two victory by the Weasels over Notre Dame isn't going to look nearly as good.

6. Penn State

Their loss against Central Florida might not be as bad as it looked.

 7. Michigan State

I wish Nebraska could play the Spartans next...the Blackshirts need a boost of confidence, and the Spartans offense is so anemic, it could be that spark the Big Red needs.

8. Minnesota

Gophers are 4-0.

9. Iowa

Nice win against Central Michigan.

10. Illinois

The loss against Washington wasn't that bad, really.

11. Indiana

Slapped around by Mizzou.  Really?

12. Purdue

102nd in passing offense, 106th in rushing offense, 117th in points scored, 94th in points allowed.  That's bad football. And this team nearly upset Notre Dame?

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