Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Big Ten Power Poll, Week 5

With so many teams on a bye week, not a lot of movement this week, except at the top.

1. Ohio State

They aren't invincible...but they've earned their place on top of the B1G tire fire.

2. Wisconsin

Had their chance to pull off the upset on the road.  Just needed some better clock management.

3. Northwestern

Doesn't suck to be undefeated, that's for sure.

4. Nebraska

Fix the defense, please!

5. Michigan

Why is Nebraska ahead of the Weasels? Simple: Wyoming is a better team than Akron or UConn.

6. Penn State

The NCAA is giving Bill O'Brien a break in the future...Penn State will be back eventually.

7. Iowa

I thought the Squakeyes would fumble Floyd away to the Gophers. Instead, the Gophers got stomped at home.

8. Michigan State

I think Nebraska's defense is fixable. I'm not sure Michigan State's offense is.

9. Illinois

The Illini looked good against the #115 scoring defense and #123 scoring offense. They should have.

10. Minnesota

This was why the Gophers can't have nice things, other than TCF Bank Stadium.

11. Indiana

Basketball practice has begun!

12. Purdue

This locomotive is off the tracks.

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