Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Why Must Politics Interfere Unnecessarily With Sports?

Barring some sort of mass influx of sanity into Washington, the effects of the federal government shutdown will include two college football games this Saturday. If Congress fails to find a compromise by noon Thursday, games between Air Force and Navy plus Army and Boston College could be cancelled.

Why?  Because a handful of Tea Party conservatives are so infatuated with stopping health care reform that they are willing to hold the entire federal government hostage. Nevermind the fact that opponents of health care reform have continually lost vote after vote to try and stop health care reform. Nevermind that much of what became the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) originated with the conservative Heritage Foundation (and RomneyCare).  Nevermind that only gerrymandering of Congressional districts have allowed the GOP to control the House of Representatives.  Since the previous 42 attempts to undo this have failed, the Republicans have upped the ante in their Don Quixote-like assault on the windmills of ObamaCare.

The Democrats aren't exactly blameless in this matter. Whether it's shutting down web sites or college football games, some things being shut down are being done to make it more painful instead of conserving government funds. Football games are revenue generators, so cancelling these games cost the government far more than will be saved.

So how far will this go?  Can enough people in the middle rise up and say "enough"?  I fear not, not with the polarized views espoused on the talkshows aired by Faux News and MSNBC.

Eventually, cooler heads will prevail.  The Republicans are destined to lose this battle eventually; the only question is when, and what will the repercussions be?  And will it be in time to save a couple of college football games this weekend?


BAHL said...

To have those college football games perhaps cancelled due to actions of moronic politicians should increase pitch forks sales at The Home Depot across the fruited plain. However, as you hopefully can appreciate, I totally disagree with where you have place the majority of the blame. I view Obamacare as an encroachment on personal freedom and liberty and a vehicle for expanding governmental control over the citizenry, and I applaud every elected official enacting every legally permissible action to thwart it. I believe the answer lies in free markets, not the government ruling class making health decisions on my behalf. I wish the Tea Party had the strength you credit us for having as better than half of the GOP are Tea Party opponents. Certainly, I can respect that you see it differently. Anyhow, just wanted you to know you have readers who are Tea drinkers. Enjoy your site and thanks for the stout coverage of our beloved 'Huskers, who had better border on domination this weekend. GBR.

Husker Mike said...

Of course, you do realize that "ObamaCare" relies on private markets to provide these services, and that the ideas that you now object to were originally formulated by the Heritage Foundation, a group formed to "promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense."

Needless to say, objections like yours can be duly noted, but they come off as disingenuous because they were accepted in the spirit of compromise by people who originally proposed other solutions to meet an out-of-control health care system that is continually breaking.

Our health care system has been breaking for years, and no other "free market solution" has ever emerged to solve these problems.

Thanks for your opinion. I would suggest to your Tea Party friends that if you truly have a better idea, propose it rather than attempt to hold the nation hostage.

NU6NCS said...

Asking for a 1 year exemption for hardworking Americans, the same as Obama's cronies get, is not holding the nation hostage. Also asking for Obama's glorious, fabulous health care plan to be also ENFORCED on his staff and all of Congress is AGAIN not holding the country hostage. Notice this does not prevent anyone from signing up for this travesty, just like all the bridges are not guarded 24,7, 365 days a year so morons can jump to their doom. Do what you want, be as ignorant, foolish, as you want. just don't expect the rest of us to follow.

Husker Mike said...

Asking isn't holding the country hostage. But that's not what some members of the GOP are doing.

Saying that unless the President agrees to their demands on health care reform, they won't agree to keep government open is holding the country hostage. (Or next, agree to pay the country's bills)

The definition of "hostage" is "One that is manipulated by the demands of another"...and that is exactly what is happening here.

Omababe said...

They just said on the news that the games will go on. At least that's what I thought I heard. :)