Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Huskerland: Bo Pelini, Through a Parent's Eyes

Over the year's, I've periodically heard from the extended family of a few players over Bo Pelini, and the type of man Bo Pelini is away from the podium and off the sideline. It's just one more reason I believe that Bo Pelini is a special coach, who's trying to do things the right way.  Today, I received a link to this story about what Joe Johns, parent of a Nebraska reserve defensive tackle, had to say about Pelini:

Earlier this year, Joe and his son Garret attended a Football team dinner, where Joe had talked with several other parents and they all felt the same way about Bo. They all felt that Bo had their child’s best intentions in mind with everything he did, he pushed them in the classroom and on the field. They believed in Bo as well.
Joe had also attended a few practices this year and said that they were tough practices, the guys were really “popping” the pads he said and going full throttle. Joe was reminded of the Bob Devaney days and in some ways compared Bo to Bob Devaney, in how much he expected out of his players and how he wanted nothing but 110% effort from them during practice. He couldn’t stress enough how good the practices were.
Joe talked about the academics portion of the football team, and its expectations, he said that almost 80% of the team is on the B1G honor roll list. He stated that Bo is a big stickler for classroom attendance and participation. He really puts the Student before the Athlete, as it should be.
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MeatyBob said...

The last refuge of the damned, a heart-tugging story for sympathy to turn attention away from glaring problems.

Pelini isn't a bad guy, nobody is arguing that, but use reason. 99% of coaches care for their kids and 99% of programs could have something written like this about their HC. Not every single other successful program cheats and has poor ethics. I promise you could have have 100 of these stories when Tressel was canned.

This "Pelini exceptionalism" argument some people are forwarding needs to stop.