Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Barf on Callahan

Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha daily paper takes some shots at Bill Callahan and his staff. While the "true believers" in the "New NU" will look to shoot the messenger, they must remember that the 2005 Huskers are not even meeting the standard of the 2004 team. Offensive production is down from last year, despite having more players available that were recruited for this system. Yes, the offense has fewer interceptions. But they also have played much more mediocre competition this season, and have only scored 3 offensive touchdowns. Heck, Joe Dailey did that in 1 quarter. And "mediocre" is being generous; Jeff Sagarin of USA Today says the Huskers have played the 153rd toughest schedule in college football.

The next 2 games will quiet either the critics or defenders of Callahan and his staff. The talent argument no longer applies; Jay Norvell was asked tonight on NET's "Big Red Wrapup" whether Nebraska had the talent to compete in the Big XII conference, and without hesitation, he answered "YES!" That doesn't mean an undefeated season; that should mean that Nebraska has the talent to win a majority of their conference games this year.

And with the relative weakness of the Big XII, every conference game is winnable. But not if the offense only averages 1 touchdown a week.

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