Thursday, September 01, 2005

Has Steve P killed the Sellout Streak?

Reports on the Husker Mailing list indicate that the Maine game is not sold out yet. My expectation is that they are now selling the Maine tickets from the seats not renewed by season ticketholders. Maine may have returned a few tickets as well.

I don't think the sellout streak is in danger this weekend. They probably already have an agreement with a "booster of substance" to purchase any leftover tickets.

But, with over 6000 new seats available next year, the lack of interest in Husker tickets is a potentially disturbing proposition.

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Anonymous said...

Once the streak is dead, it will be interesting to see how the sports media and Steve Pederson will spin the news.

Pederson may blame it on the increase in energy prices, or that fans no longer have to come to stadium and watch the game because of the webcasting and being on TBS. The sports media will blame the fans because they are not "supporting" the program. Unfortunately, as I recall, the majority of Nebraskans believe that Frank S. was handled incorrectly, the Huskernation did not swallow limiting walk-ons well, the fans are aware that key players have left the program, and Callahan comments in Oklahoma has not given the fans a reason to give him the benefit of the doubt.

So right now the ball is in the University of Nebraska hands (Pederson/Callahan)and it is up to them to earn the support of Huskernation. (Steve Pederson took that support for granted, most likely blinded by his ego. Reminds me of the Bill Byrne mascot fiasco, except Bill had enough sense to admit he was wrong.)

My college coach gave us a speech at the beginning of each season, basically informing us that fan support was not given, it was earned, and we earned it on the field as well as off.