Monday, September 19, 2005

What we see is what we've got

Steve Sipple, the dean of writers on the Husker beat, writes an ominous column in today's Lincoln Journal-Star. One week after saying "don't panic", he now disavows that warning. There really aren't any magic incantations that will solve the Huskers' offensive problems.

The fact is that the problem is a combination of coaching and talent. Talent, in terms of two disjointed recruiting classes after coaching changes after the 2002 and 2003 seasons. And coaching, in that we appear to have a coaching staff coaching a system, not a football team. And that football team is a mismash of two types of players: players recruited to run the old multi-formation Husker attack, and a bunch of young players struggling to learn an 8 pound playbook.

A lot of recruitniks expected to see guys like Harrison Beck, Marlon Lucky, Terrel Spain, Chris Brooks, Leon Jackson, Zac Bowman, and Craig Roark on the field already making an impact. Whether that was wishful thinking or just pure insanity remains to be seen. These guys may make an impact down the line. Who knows if it's the impact fans want; just look at the slow progress of redshirt freshman Rhett Bomar at Oklahoma, and that's after sitting on the bench last year to learn the system.

After watching Brandon Jackson last year, Lucky and Cody Glenn will have minimal opportunities to contribute to the team as freshmen. In passing situations, Callahan is not going to put the life of the quarterback in the hands of a freshman who isn't ready to pick up a blitz.

Harrison Beck is another concern. Dennis Wagner confirmed on Friday that while Beck has all the physical tools to play quarterback from the neck down, he's not ready to play. Last year, there were rumors that Beck wasn't mature enough, between some of his blog comments, media comments, and overheard comments around other recruits. One rumor already has Beck threatening to transfer to Florida State. And even if he is ready to play, is it a good idea to put him in behind a shaky offensive line?

There are three ways to look at the Huskers' future:
  • We'll all awaken and find out the first 3 games were just a bad nightmare, and all is well in Huskerland.
  • This is a long-term rebuilding effort, and we may not bottom out for another year or more.
  • Steve Pederson is a complete moron. Start any repair projects here.
Which one is it? I have my opinion, but so does every other Husker fan.


Abe said...

I'll take Door Number 3, Monty.

JP Anderson said...

This is a long-term rebuilding effort.

Whooter said...

Long term... Yeah. See you in 2015.

mattp_68135 said...

I hope Beck knows he won't play immediately at FSU either.