Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sporting News shows Callahan a little love

Matt Hayes of the Sporting News, like most of the national media, certainly took shots at Bill Callahan during the football season. But, this week, he recognizes that Callahan might be finally pulling the Huskers out of the ditch that Callahan and his boss drove the Huskers into.

That raises an interesting phenomenon that has taken hold in this country over the past couple of years. Honest criticism is viewed by some people as hatred or treason. Sometimes it's over serious topics like Chuck Hagel's criticism of President Bush's Iraq policy. Sometimes it's over something as trivial as Nebraska football. It's a sad state of the polarized nature of this country.

Another example came up today on Big Sports 590. (I prefer Kevin and Mike'l on 1620 the Zone, but I can't get their signal most of the time.) Matt Perrault, the afternoon host, was going to promote the Huskers Recruiting Dinner (YAWN!!!!) until the president of Nebraska's "Touchdown Club" booster organization said that a "Callahan-hater" like Perrault wouldn't be welcome. So, Nebraska loses out on some free positive publicity, and insteads looks more and more paranoid.

Hate is a strong term. But in today's society, it seems that criticism gets morphed into hate. I really wonder what some people will say when they run into real hatred. Will they even be able to recognize it?

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