Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do You Remember?

Remember 10 years ago, when then-athletic director Don Leahy announced that UNO was starting a Division I hockey team from scratch?

Remember 9 years ago when James Chalmers scored UNO's first goal against Manitoba. Remember how that first "U! N! O!" chant rang out.

Remember that first victory against Air Force? No one heard that 6-1 victory because of a city-wide blackout due to a huge ice and snow storm.

Remember Scott Hewson's goonish "welcome" when the Mavs joined the CCHA?

Remember "Tuesday Night" when Jeff Hoggan nearly blew the roof off of the Civic Auditorium?

Remember St. Patrick's Day 2000, when Hoggan and the Mavs took out Michigoon in Detroit to make the CCHA Championship game in their first year in the conference?

Remember when Billy Pugliese scored in double overtime against Ohio State in 2001 to send the Mavs back to Detroit?

Remember the Mavs just missing the NCAA tournament that season?

Remember the Mavs taking that 3 goal lead in the Stampede against defending national champion Minnesota?

Remember when Dan Ellis became UNO's first NHL player, winning against the LA Kings?

Remember Jeff Hoggan scoring his first goal for the St. Louis Blues, then thanking UNO fans on

Remember the artistry of Bill Thomas and Scott Parse, such as the game winning goal against Michigan State with 27 seconds left in overtime?

Remember Bryan Marshall scoring twice in the final 51 seconds on New Years Eve against Yale?

Remember the determination of Alex Nikiforuk, who ripped the hearts out of the Weasels by scoring the game winning goal 6 seconds after Michigoon tied up the game?

Tomorrow, the Mavs open up a new chapter in their history with their first NCAA tournament appearance. Many teams will dismiss the chances of UNO, saying they are just happy to get the invitation. They doubt UNO's ability. They think UNO will wilt under the pressure.

They don't remember.

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