Monday, March 06, 2006

More Bulletin Board Material from Billy C

This morning, Bill Callahan decided to put some reading material up on Kansas State's bulletin board at the Special Olympics breakfast:

“We want players who want us, because we feel Nebraska’s a special, special situation,” Callahan said during his keynote speech at a Special Olympics fund-raising breakfast in Omaha. “If you’re a prima donna, if you’re a drama queen, there’s no room for you at Nebraska. You can go to Kansas State.”

Compared with some of his previous comments (Hillbillies, Dumbest Team), this one is pretty mild. And while I agree that Nebraska is a special place, there's no need to keep bashing Josh Freeman. This is Nebraska, and losing a quarterback recruit to Kansas State isn't worth getting worked up over. We're bigger than that.

This is Nebraska. Let's act that way.

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on. Though I'm not totally sold on BC yet, I like the enthusiasm he brings to Big Red nation. He reminds me a lot of Mr. Bob Devaney...didn't always say the nicest things about competition, but he seemed to do just fine here. It is about time that you grow up and start acting like a man instead of holding a personally vendetta against people. No one is perfect...your blogs certainly prove that.