Monday, March 27, 2006

Good Luck to Frost & Thomas

Well, the line of Parse and Thomas has been officially broken up. Many UNO fans expect Scott Parse to sign with the LA Kings, who hold his rights. (Not that fans want him to go, but after the season and honors he's earned...) Today, though, Bill Thomas signed with the Phoenix Coyotes for a reported $900K a year. The expectation in Phoenix is that Thomas will go straight from the Mavs to the Coyotes, bypassing the minors for now. Can't blame Thomas for taking the money at all. Good luck BLT/Hot Sauce!

Rumor mill is that several other Mav players may be making the jump to the pros as well. Hopefully not, but then again, it is to be expected when UNO has the talent to make the NCAA tournament and the NHL is finally getting back into business.

Meanwhile, once again some Husker "fans" are branding Scott Frost a traitor. First, it was spurning NU for Stanford with his dream to be an NFL quarterback. Then it was in criticizing Steve Pederson last fall. Now, it's because he's joined Kansas State as a graduate assistant. I'm not sure what people expect Frost to do. Tommie Frazier went to Baylor and coached against Nebraska. Frost has a connection to the new Kansas State defensive coordinator, and Frost has said that he hasn't felt as welcome in Lincoln around the new regime. Sometimes opportunities present themselves in ways you wouldn't expect. I'll bet that John Blake never expected to be wearing Husker Red. Barney Cotton didn't expect to be a Cyclone. Being a grad assistant at a Big XII school is too good of a gig to turn down. Shame on those that brand him a "traitor".

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sideline redwine said...

i don't have a problem with frost taking a job with another big 12 school, but the purple kitties is where i draw the line, working under ron princess. don't you see this as a backhanded move by prince, in which he will be laughing all the way to the end of the season? come on. frost could have even gone to the buffies, but the kitties is unacceptable. and i don't buy that he is an outsider with the new regime...maybe he should be stronger about it instead of whining. scott frost, r.i.p.