Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mr. Freeman meets the Blackshirts

At today's Husker news conference, Bill Callahan and the Huskers tried to deny that there is any ill-will remaining from Josh Freeman's decommitment from Nebraska to Kansas State.

Does anybody really believe that?

Between Jim Rose's childish outburst last December and Bill Callahan's "prima donna" comment last March, too much has already been said.

A good strategy against any true freshman quarterback is to apply maximum pressure, and I'm sure that the Nebraska coaching staff has no qualms about providing it this Saturday night. In fact, I think a bigger problem is keeping it under control. I'll be curious to see how far Nebraska pushes things Saturday night.

Actually, I'm a little worried. Worried that Nebraska might try TOO hard to send a message to Freeman. Worried that somebody might go over the line, might not play smart, might do something that will make this game ugly.

I was disappointed in December when Freeman decommitted, as I thought he was an intriquing prospect at quarterback. But I was more disappointed in the reaction by Nebraska and some of it's fans. Stupid things were said, and a lot of hard feelings persist. Will someone do something stupid Saturday night? I hope not.


AJ said...

That works both ways though. Freeman is barely 18...more than likely that he will be the one trying too hard to make a statement.

Who knows though. We've got our own problems in Aggieland.

Jon Johnston said...

You mean, like try to tear his head off with his facemask?
That's not very original!

Husker Mike said...

You mean that Travis Ochs was out to get Eric Crouch???

AJ said...

That was a great no-call, and was obviously photoshopped.


Twilight_end_Zone said...

Great read with legit concerns. I will be surprised if this one isn't still close by the end of the third quarter.

We'll see though... Should be a good one.