Friday, October 26, 2007

UNO Hockey Gets Blasted by #2 Miami

Well, I figured that the schedule would get a LITTLE tougher after opening with an exhibition against Manitoba and a win against Alabama-Huntsville. But tonight, UNO's freshmen defensive corps got a painful introduction to the CCHA, losing 7-2 to #2 Miami. Listened to much of the game on the radio, and there were a few positives to take away. UNO outshot Miami (for what it's worth) 35-24, and were still within reach at 4-2 with five minutes left in the game before Miami exploded at the end. And eight freshmen got a baptism by fire in their first conference game on the road.

But by that same token, giving up two shorthanded goals tonight continues an ugly trend we saw last season, not to mention an end-of-game meltdown that turned the game into a rout. It's a long season, so you don't want to read too much into a single game. The schedule makers didn't do UNO any favors to open the season: #2 Miami on the road, #6 Michigoon next week in Omaha, followed by a road trip to #19 Ohio State. (Of course, Ohio State got blasted by Miami 5-1 both nights last weekend, so UNO and the Buckeyes might be a good matchup...) UNO needs to regroup and learn from their mistakes quickly, as UNO can't afford a slow start this season.

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