Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guess Which Former Husker Football Coach Recruited a 1st Day Draft Pick in 2005?

Over dinner tonight, I happened to check out ESPN's coverage of the NFL draft, and saw a name and school slide by on the ticker that caught my eye as I realized which Husker football coach recruited a first day draft pick in 2005. Yes, he wears a green shirt now, but his name isn't Bill Callahan.

No, it's that guy who allegedly couldn't recruit: Frank Solich.

Ohio's Mike Mitchell, a 6'1" safety, was picked by the Oakland Raiders with the 47th overall pick tonight. It's a pick that caught many draft experts by surprise, but apparently the Chicago Bears were also eyeballing Mitchell in the 2nd round as well.

So score one for Fearless Frankie, as Solich now the an honor (for now) as having the highest NFL draft pick between the respective 2005 recruiting classes. Why for now? Well, there's at least one player left on the NU roster from that class that, barring injury, will go MUCH earlier: Ndamukong Suh. But look over that 2005 Husker recruiting class again for a minute. Zackary Bowman was a fifth round draft pick, as his career was hampered by injuries. Zach Potter might go tomorrow, perhaps Marlon Lucky as well. Suh and Barry Turner are probable draft targets next season.

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