Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Night Dessert: Slauson Reunites with Billy C

I was kind of surprised to see Matt Slauson being drafted by the New York Jets, thus reuniting him with Bill Callahan, the Jets offensive line coach. Sure Slauson is happy to be drafted; it means money and a chance to play on Sunday's. But I really wonder if he's truly happy to be back with Bill Callahan; last summer, Slauson felt like he got "jacked around a little bit" in 2007. To be sure, it may have been the result of the dysfunction in the Husker coaching staff. And let's be honest, while it's obvious that Callahan is a horrible head coach, he's more than earned his stripes as one of the best offensive line coaches out there.

I see that Zach Potter has also signed a free agent deal with the Jets. He's the one surprise of the Huskers in the draft to me; I thought for sure he'd go in the late rounds.

I see Tampa Bay drafted the eighth best quarterback in the Big XII in the first round. Yes, I know Josh Freeman has all of the measurables, but he lacks almost all of the intangibles. Granted, he didn't have much of a supporting cast in Manhattan, but many of his problems were self inflicted. The Bucs definitely have a project on their hand.

There's still a lot of consternation around Maverick fans about the probability of Trev Alberts being named athletic director (perhaps as soon as early this week). I see their concern: Alberts has no experience in management. He's getting this on name recognition and celebrity. But I ask the question: if not Alberts, who else? Other than former NCC commissioner Mike Marcil, no other finalist had any administrative experience to speak of either. And frankly, the last few UNO athletic directors have had administrative experience and failed. It's time to do something different. Different doesn't necessary mean different results; it's a risk. But Alberts opens doors for UNO athletics that none of the other candidates can. It makes UNO athletics a desirable topic of every church and business group in town.

Rather busy week setting up for me, so updates may be delayed.

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