Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Night Beer: Doc Wants to Git R Dun

KETV ran the rest of Jon Schuetz's interview with Doc Sadler last night, and probably raised some eyebrows by mentioning that he thinks Nebraska basketball can "do something special here." Maybe not Final Four...but he thinks Nebraska can be position to have a shot at it.

Bravado? Insanity? Cluelessness? Not necessarily. Doc freely admits that Nebraska basketball ain't anywhere close now, and that Nebraska hasn't even won an NCAA tournament game. But just because something hasn't happened before doesn't mean it can't happen in the future. Twenty years ago, what would you have said about George Mason University playing in a Final Four? What about Kansas State winning a Big XII Championship in football? Northwestern playing in the Rose Bowl? Nebraska playing in three College World Series?

Now, that's no guarentee that Nebraska basketball is going to make that jump either. But, Doc Sadler's basketball teams give 180% effort game in and game out. It's always good to have lofty goals, with the understanding that while you might not get there, you won't ever get there if you don't try.

Of course, what do I know about getting to the Final Four? I picked Butler to knock off North Carolina in the second round. Oops. So much for THAT bracket.

Speaking of North Carolina, I wonder if Tar Heel fan is still miffed at Roy Williams for wearing a Jayhawk sticker to last year's championship game. Me thinks that two national championships in five years at Carolina soothes those hurt feelings. Frankly, I don't see the problem over the sticker. I was never upset when Bo Pelini wore an Oklahoma hat at the 2004 national championship game; North Carolina and Nebraska's seasons were over at the time, and neither Williams or Pelini were there representing their employer.

I'm curious to see just what kind of demand the "Larry the Cable Guy" concert will have. Dan Whitney has quite the following, but 50,000 people? Granted, it's an event, and people around these parts love to be part of an event. I guess I've never understood the attraction of Larry. Other than Mater from the movie Cars, Whitney's schtick runs at the eighth grade level. I remember listening to Whitney on the radio about ten years ago and tuning out to another station before I suffered any brain damage. Needless to say, plenty of people don't share my opinion. Personally, I think Whitney was moderately more entertaining (or not quite as idiotic) in khakis...

It's a good thing USC isn't on the Nebraska schedule in the future...I can only imagine what TJ Simers would do with this one...

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Joe said...

Larry the Cable Guy is a tool. I don't know why Nebraska would want to have any relationship with him. I've never been more embarassed for Nebraska when they showed Larry at the USC game with Nebraska gear on & then showed Will Ferrell wearing a USC sweatshirt.