Sunday, June 09, 2013

Mike'l Severe Admits to Blocking @Huskers on Twitter

Driving home Friday evening, I caught the tail end of Unsportsmanlike Conduct on KOZN-1620 AM.  After discussing the Belmont Stakes, John Bishop turned the discussion back towards Twitter and why in the world Mike'l Severe blocked @Huskers on Twitter.  (And mentioned me as well, in the conversation...)

Bishop: How could the Huskers official Huskers do anything to offend you?
Severe: I also blocked Brandi Peterson.
Severe: Remember that? I blocked her that one time..
Bishop: You did, you did.
Severe:  Husker Mike, Steve Sipple...

(About 9:30 minutes into this podcast...)

Bishop: You're just a blocking fool...

Severe blocked me during the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl when he started tweeting about Michigan State quarterback Andrew Maxwell's play, even though Maxwell had already been benched.  Turns out the Severe was watching the game on his DVR, and was a quarter behind.  He was confusing people on Twitter, and I suggested that he shouldn't be tweeting about the game if he wasn't watching the same thing as everybody else.
And, he didn't like that one bit.
Or maybe it was really this...
When I was checking out the @CornNation Twitter feed on Friday, another Severe tweet came up again. Seems that Severe is still as hot-headed as ever before.
Kind of sad what Unsportsmanlike Conduct has degraded to...

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devnet said...

Dude is a complete tool. Listening to him is about as entertaining as hearing a never ending whoopie cushion.