Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rose still doesn't get it...

Jim Rose was hosting Pinnacle's Sports Nightly Friday night, and set out to "defend himself" from the misquote of the Omaha City Weekly. Well, Jim is partly right, in that the City Weekly didn't get the quote exactly right.

However, the City Weekly was more right in the fact that Rose continues to be unable to put the Gerch home run in proper perspective. He even repeated his quote about "more drinks being spilled" than in any time since Johnny Rodgers, and then immediately bragged about his vast knowledge of Husker history, including his book.

Rose continues to be incapable of putting events into perspective. Gerch's 9th inning home run was a great play, but it in no way can be compared to Tommie Frazier shredding the Florida defense, Cory Schlesinger parting an exhausted Miami defense, his colleague Matt Davison's "Miracle at Mizzou", or Eric Crouch's Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass. Heck, after the game was over, it might not even be the greatest baseball moment, which might be Nebraska beating Rice to close down Buck Beltzer.

Jim Rose simply doesn't get it.

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Whooter said...

Gerch's homerun might belong in that group if Nebraska had actually won the game. As it stands, it's merely a footnote in another NU loss at the CWS.