Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Who will be the Husker Pitching Coach?

Two names have been speculated: Radio reports have Creighton's Travis Wyckoff as a leading candidate. The Omaha World-Herald has AJ's former coach Mike Evans interested in the job he left 20 years ago.

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AJ said...

Hey Mike..love the blog. Well done!

I know I throw a lot of B.S. at times..but I think it is safe to say I know Mike Evans pretty well. And I will say this...there is NO WAY IN HELL NU will hire him. Not because he's a bad coach, but because Mike really doesn't even want it.

The ONLY reason he is even applying (and I have not heard from him if he has) is to make boost his own stock. (If NU fails, he'll be that guy you SHOULD have taken). Trust me...he wants to be a head coach there. That or Creighton is the ONLY job he will take.

Trust me on this...:)