Sunday, March 19, 2006

NCAA: Mavs @ Boston U; Where are our TV stations???

UNO fans are celebrating the Mavs first NCAA tournament berth today; they will play Boston University at 3 pm on Friday afternoon in the East Regional, hosted by BU.

So far, the only announced television coverage is on ESPNU, which isn't on any local cable system. However, it is available via ESPN+ for any local television station to pick up.

Paging all our local television stations; paging all of our local television stations. This game demands local broadcast coverage. Don't give us excuses, call ESPN and get this game on the air where it belongs.

Local TV Station Contacts
I'm excluding KMTV-channel 3 because of their commitment to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. A Saturday regional (6pm against Miami or Boston College) would pre-empt March Madness...

Local TV stations! This is a historic event in the history of UNO... It should be broadcast to the entire viewing area, whether they have cable or not.

Make it happen.

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Husker Mike said...

Just to followup: KPTM responded fairly quickly, but declined to carry the games. KETV also responded with a "no plans message". Some folks contacted KMTV anyway; they responded almost immediately to say that their hoops broadcasts took priority.

WOWT-6 ignored all messages.