Thursday, March 30, 2006

Would you have REALLY said that in the Freeman's Living Room?

In a Lincoln Journal-Star article this week on talk radio, "Husker Information Minister" Jim Rose bemoans the negativity and criticism that frequently air on sports talk radio:
“Don’t say anything about somebody unless you’d say that to them from across a coffee table,” he said.

Oh really, Jim? In December, you really would have spent two hours in the Freeman's living room berating Josh and his father?

I think not....

1 comment:

AJ said...

What an Opie-Taylor look-alike piece of hypocritical dog &%*#^.

As if calling batting helmets "bonnets blazing in the sun", or Memorial Stadium, "That grand old gray lady on 10th Street"...this is just another reason to pity you guys.

That clown is F'ing horrible.

My condolences for having to put up with his crap all year round.