Thursday, March 16, 2006

Scott Parse: CCHA Player of the Year & Hobey Baker Finalist

UNO's Scott Parse received a couple of awards today. At the CCHA's Player of the Year tonight at the CCHA Awards Banquet in Detroit this evening. Also, Parse was named as a finalist for the Hobey Baker award.

Hobey Baker fan voting has now begun voting at Each person can only vote one time, so every vote counts.'s "Section 14" has been researching the PairWise ratings, and has come up with the following formula to lock in a UNO NCAA bid tomorrow night:

* Bentley to lose Friday or Saturday
* UMD/SCSU winner (tonight) to lose either Friday or Saturday to Minnesota
* Dartmouth and Colgate to both lose either Friday or Saturday (Go Harvard & Cornell)
* Northern Michigan to lose either Friday or Saturday

By the way, if you are asking who the &#($ Bentley is, they play in the Atlantic Hockey Association. Why Bentley? Simple, a Bentley championship gives them the AHA automatic bid, but also bumps Holy Cross into an at-large NCAA bid as it also supercharges Holy Cross' "Teams Under Consideration" factor. If anybody else wins the AHA, the AHA just gets their champion in.

Oh, and if any of those items don't happen on St. Patty's Day, there are about 1,000 remaining possibilities.... :-)

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