Saturday, February 03, 2007

Comprehensive Husker Recruiting Report

As RecruitNik nation eagerly approaches the most important day of the year, here's the low-down...
There... and that didn't cost you a thing. Now go out, turn off the recruiting coverage, and do something useful. Thinking about going to the recruiting dinner? Cancel your reservations, and go out to a fine restaurant instead. Or better yet, donate the $40 a person to the Food Bank.

It's truly sickening the amount of attention signing day gets. Take a look at the list of names... Some of the names will never enroll for one reason or another. Others will never play, and many will never make any impact. And some of the so-called "can't miss" prospects ... will be a huge miss. Do I know which ones they are? Of course not. Nobody knows. Not even the coaching staff, who's jobs depend on it, know. We're dealing with 18 year old kids here, and frequently the issue isn't the 40 yard time or how far he can throw the ball or how much he can bench press or how many "stars" some recruiting geek assigns to him from his parent's basement, but rather maturity and character.

So with that, I sign off for this recruiting season. Wake me up when it's over. (Or if CozBohl takes the Vikings job.... pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, make it happen....)

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