Monday, February 12, 2007

Prayers for Lucky

The internet is abuzz with rumors about Marlon Lucky and his hospitalization in the intensive care unit. WOWT and Huskers Illustrated are reporting that it is an overdose. Of course, some assume that "overdose" means alcohol or illicit drugs, but that's not necessarily the case. It could be as simple as Tylenol or aspirin.

In any event, it's fruitless to speculate at this point. The attention needs to go towards Lucky's health at this point; there will be plenty of time to consider what happened once Lucky recovers.

The "no further comment" statement issued by the Nebraska athletic department certainly doesn't help matters at all. In the absence of information, speculation runs amok, and in nearly all cases, the speculation is worse than the truth. HIPAA privacy laws limit what can be said without the approval of the patient, so I understand why the statement was made...just commenting that it's counterproductive in this situation. Take the case of Phil Kessel of the Boston Bruins. Last December, he left the team due to a medical issue and the rumor mill ran out drugs, alchohol, and depression before the truth of testicular cancer emerged. Instead of protecting Kessel's privacy... the ambiguity only made the story worse for Kessel.

Bottom line... everyone should concern themselves with prayers for Marlon Lucky at this time.

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AJ said...

Concur. WOWT didn't help anything last night as well.

As a fan of a rival team, I hope to beat the Huskers with their best players on the field. That includes Marlon Lucky next October.

Thoughts and prayers to him and his family.