Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Rose by Any Other Name

Well, now that I have to drop my little girl off at day care, I have to leave earlier and now get to hear more Jim Rose in the morning, and so far I'm two-for-two with head scratchers from the Husker Information Minister.

Yesterday, Rose let slip this little gem that Husker receivers coach Ted Gilmore notified his players via text message that he was leaving Lincoln to join the Oakland Raiders, only to change his mind later on. Apparantly, dropping bombshells via text message is much more acceptable in February 2007 than it was in December 2005.

This morning, Rosie decided to reject the calls to respect Marlon Lucky's privacy and instead try to disprove some of the internet rumors about Lucky. Frankly, speculating about Lucky is in poor taste while he's in the hospital, even if you are (feebily) trying to defend the guy.

In response to all of the innuendo, Nebraska reversed it's position about not commenting further on Lucky, releasing a statement from Lucky's family and Bill Callahan to deny some of the wilder rumors. It's great to see Lucky is recovering, and hopefully he'll be out of the hospital soon.

1 comment:

Jon Johnston said...

Those 'respect privacy' things apply to everyone else, not Jim Rose. Same with the text messaging speculation.

I don't mind his radio show most of the time, but good grief is he a fanboy.