Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alumni Like Doc Sadler

The World-Herald's Lee Barfknecht talked to former captains Dave Hoppen, Beau Reid, Bruce Chubick, and Andy Markowski about Doc Sadler's first year as men's hoops coach at Nebraska. All came away optimistic with Sadler and the future. Let's be honest. Nebraska had a rough off-season with coaches departing and players questioning the program. Some didn't qualify, and some decided to leave. The uncertainty left a short bench, which grew shorter during the season. Injuries didn't help things either.

Yet except for two blowouts by Kansas, Nebraska hung in there this year and competed against most of the conference. Even kept hope alive for the post-season well into February. Not bad for a squad that, even before the roster shrunk, was picked to finish 11th.

Is Sadler headed to Arkansas next? He says not, and he hasn't given us any reason to doubt him to this point. In any event, the off-season could be a little difficult. Sadler is still out recruiting for next season, including Ola Dagunduro's little brother Adeola. One slight problem is that Sadler has signed more players than he has open roster spots for next season, which means that unless some of these guys don't qualify, some current players will be asked to leave the program. That could be a sensitive issue, depending on how it's handled. Perhaps it's naivete, but I'm not expecting a problem.

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