Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Position Changes and Creighton Fans Hoarding Hoops Tickets

The Journal-Star has some interesting pre-spring practice position changes:
  • Bo Ruud to SAM linebacker to replace Stewart Bradley. This should open up the weakside linebacker position; will Steve Octavien become a consistent threat?
  • Clayton Sievers to open defensive end to compete with Barry Turner, who will be out this spring due to injury. Pierre Allen to "base" defensive end to compete with Zach Potter. Is Cozbohl looking for smaller, quicker ends?
Also, offensive coordinator Shawn Watson says that 4 quarterbacks will evenly split snaps this spring: Sam Keller, Joe Ganz, Beau Davis, and Patrick Witt. Hmmm...we'll see how long this lasts. Color me skeptical here. Zac Lee is still hampered by his knee. Also, Major Culbert will see time at I-back to complement Marlon Lucky. Cody Glenn still is hampered by his foot problems. No word on Kenny Wilson, which must mean his knee is still not right.

I see that Creighton fans are more interested in next year's NCAA regional (that won't feature their team) than this year's regional. In fairness to Jays fans, travel on short notice is never reasonable, though I'd expect that more would pack into the car and head to the French Quarter. And who can blame Jays fans for grabbing all of the regional tickets for next year so they can make a nice profit.

The real criticism goes to the folks at Creighton and MECA who didn't give the general public a chance to buy the tickets. I understand giving Creighton's patrons the first shot to buy tickets...but it should have been limited to the number of season tickets you have. 4 season tickets = the right to buy 4 NCAA regional tickets. Where Creighton did the people of Omaha wrong was by going back to CU fans and asking them a second time to buy tickets. Creighton fans already had their chance; the rest of the tickets should have been opened to the rest of the general public, who are backing the bonds that built the Qwest Center and made an NCAA regional possible in the first place. Shame to Creighton, and Shame to MECA for forgetting the people who made this NCAA regional possible in the first place.

I see the BrieJay fans over at the BrieJay Cafe are joining the Defenders of the Faith over at South Park in their hatred of Kevin Kugler. Interesting that each group thinks that Kugler "hates" their program and is "in love" with the other. In other words... the extremists in Red and Blue are both so whacked out that they've lost perspective and mistake criticism with hatred. Even KXSP's Matt Perrault isn't immune to it. (Of course, in his case, it's more professional jealosy...)


AJ said...

You're just baiting Perrault. Good stuff.


Husker Mike said...

I just thought that it was funny that Perrault decided to lash out at Kugler in his blog a couple of hours before the Valley title game. I don't think anybody in Omaha knew that Kugler was calling the game nationally -- or cared, since it wasn't on 1620. So why even bring it up?

That could get a whole lot more interesting should Creighton somehow survive this weekend; Kugler will call the games in San Antonio for the Sweet 16.

AJ said...

I lost a lot of respect for Perrault yesterday after whining the company line with Rasmussen on his show. I mean, they're an advertiser...how unbiased can he be? That's like Jim Rose trying to convince me that Lawrence Phillips is a good guy.

Just not gonna work. Oh well..it was just really really annoying.

Red Sox Fan said...

The reason for the post was on-air promotions that our competition was running the day before the game. I didn't bring it up on-air, just on the blog - the appropriate place for it.

As far as baiting me, sure - I read a lot of things on the internet about me. But I laugh at most of it. It's all in good fun. As I say - i work in the toy department of life.

The Company line? No such thing. The Jays agreement with us had nothing to do with how I felt about the tickets. I don't care about what the Jays think about my show - they dislike as much as they like. The fact is - they didn't break any rules - thus there is nothing wrong with what they did. Go back and listen to my interview with Bruce from New Orleans if you don't believe me.

Husker Mike said...

Some people have higher standards of conduct than "what is legally permitted", Matt.

And I would think that an institution operated by the Jesuits would try to operate at a higher level.

Elitism rules on the Hilltop. Enjoy the Brie, Matt.

AJ said...

Oh well, at least Matt responded...I'll give ya credit. I still disagree completely with everything you and Rasmussen said...but I guess I'm not going to change your mind, and you're not going to change mine.

It's still a bunch of crap and the fallout is just going to get worse as we get closer to that date. (And yes, it still reeks of snobbish elite-ism)

Oh, and I understand you have to think that way (not caring what CU thinks about the show) to get by in your business. It's tough and I completely understand. But I tend to think that had you gone the other way and criticized the move...you would not have had a very pleasant meeting with them once renewal time came around.