Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sparty Finishes off the Mavs

UNO's hockey season came to it's end tonight with a 4-1 loss to Michigan State. Sparty came out rolling in the first period, outshooting the Mavs 19-6 and the Mavs were simply unable to recover. And thus ends a season that fell short of expectations, finishing the season 18-16-8. The sweep by the Spartans wasn't a complete surprise after the announcement that Scott Parse would be unable to play this weekend, but this weekend's series was merely UNO's final last gasp opportunity to achieve the goals for the season.

We can go through the season and we'd find a season filled with missed opportunities. It all started with the opening weekend in Alaska and continuing all season long. But I'm not sure what that proves. Perhaps our expectations were out of line all along. In many respects, the snake claimed many UNO fans this season.

Instead, I'd like to salute Scott Parse as he prepares to transition to the NHL, either with the LA Kings over the next few weeks or as a free agent this fall. His absence due to injury was felt this weekend by no doubt, and his mark of 197 career points will probably stand for a long, long time.'s been a pleasure to watch you in person the last four years.

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AJ said...

The snake has sucked the life out of UNO hockey since the day I posed that.

There is a fine line between unrealistic expectations, and waking up 10 years later to find out your team hasn't done jack squat.