Monday, April 02, 2007

BrieJays In Mourning

Today's announcement that Dana Altman was leaving Creighton for Arkansas certainly surprised me... I figured that Altman was going to stick around the Hilltop for a while.

It will be interesting to see how the bandwagon BrieJay fans will adjust to this. Many already are taking shots at Altman... which makes almost as much sense as Husker fans taking shots at Tom Osborne for honoring a friend, who last summer tried to resurrect Osborne's campaign for governor.

True Bluejay fans will recover much more quickly than the bandwagon fans...if they survived the Rick Johnson era, they can survive this. In the meantime, what will the bandwagonners do? Apparantly they are stuck with their CU tickets for next season, as renewals for next season were due this past weekend.

Speaking of tickets, Husker football tickets are going up $4 a game next season. Is it the increasing guarentees that need to be paid to teams? ($800,000 for New Mexico State in 2008?) To some degree, yes. But there's also the need to pay for the stadium improvements as well.

Bill Callahan and Tim Cassiday take issue with the perception that Bill Callahan is stubborn, pointing to the number of other coaches that they talk to. Maybe...maybe not. Certainly the play-calling can get stubborn at times. One guy that Callahan and his staff should try to talk to is Tom really could do wonders to start healing the deep wounds in Husker nation.

And speaking of former Husker basketball coaches...looks like Barry Collier will need to hire a new basketball coach at Butler, now that Todd Lickliter is going to be named head coach at Iowa. Will he rehire himself?

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TB said...

and now, it appears he's back. this story is strange, but anything crappy for arkansas is fine by me.