Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can Ganz Beat out Keller?

Well, if last Saturday's scrimmage is any indication, the Nebraska quarterback race is a little closer than most fans would have thought at this point. Joe Ganz directed the first-team offense to scores in three of four drives, including 2 against the Blackshirts, while Sam Keller never was able to score in any of his drives.

Now, this is kind of like predicting an election based on the initial returns or even early polls. Sam Keller is going to have every opportunity to win this job, and will have the rest of the spring and summer to learn the offense. But in the West Coast Offense, it isn't the biggest arm or best athlete that leads to success, it's the smartest player. That's what they said about Joe Montana and it kind of applies to Rich Gannon. Now, while Joe Ganz isn't either of those guys...just remember that the most physically talented guy isn't always the best guy.

Initial reports on Marlon Lucky this spring sound very positive that we will finally see the talent that had recrutniks drooling over him in 2004. Not only has Lucky improved on the field, but his mental attitude seems to be better as well. Certainly a marked improvement from the February incident that landed him in the intensive care unit. We may never know exactly why it happened, and we really don't need to know either. But it's looking like he's back and better than before, and that's a good thing for everybody. DoubleExtraPoint's Jeffie Husker has more over at AOL's FanHouse.

Right now, the only compelling reason to attend this Saturday's spring game is to see Joe Ganz and Sam Keller shred the scrubs. That sounds slightly enticing, until you hear the weather forecasts. The meteorologists at KMTV-channel 3 and KETV-channel 7 in Omaha both are blogging that the weather is going to be dicey at best, with it being cold and blustery, and quite possibly accumulating snow as well. That will really dampen the attendance for Steve Pederson's recruiting show.

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AJ said...

I thought Callahan stopped putting the first stringers against the scrubs? If that's the case, what the hell is JC doing with the 2nd team?

It's all just a ploy to drown out the hype. I"m not buying it.