Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big XII Roundtable: Now That We Know

Here's this week installment of the Big XII Roundtable:

1. Based on what you now know to be your team’s strengths and weaknesses if the game was on the line do you want your offense or defense on the field?
Right now, it would be the Blackshirts. How many times did they hold the Deacons last weekend inside the ten yard line? Right now, Sam Keller is still trying to digest this offense, so I'd rather take my chances with the defense.

2. If you had to pick a team from the AP Top 10 for your team to play this weekend who would you pick and why (OU & Texas are not options).
What about USC? Seriously, if I had to choose another Top 10 team, it would be Ohio State for several reasons. First of all, great tradition with both programs. Second of all, the entire Bigger Ten is in a down cycle. A team like Ohio State presents a nice challenge for the Huskers and allows them to take the next step. I don't know if we're ready for USC just yet...

3. You can take one player off your team and trade him for any player in the conference who plays the same position who are you taking?
You didn't say I had to take any starters, correct? In that case, I'll take Adarius Bowman, the Cowboys standout wide receiver. Nebraska's receivers have had the dropsies, and the Huskers sure could use a player like Bowman. Who would we give up? Probably Frantz Hardy or Chris Brooks, who have struggled to make much of a contribution the last three seasons. Second choice would be Sooner safety Reggie Smith, who almost was a Husker, and could contribute just about anywhere in the Husker secondary, for Bryan Wilson, a reserve juco transfer. (If I was really looking to make an unfair trade, I'd send Husker quarterback Beau Davis to the Sooners for Sam Bradford...)

4. Conference Power Rankings! Rank the teams in the conference from first to worst.
Already did this: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Baylor, Iowa State. Kansas looks out of position, but I'm basing my ratings on what they've done this season, and the Jayhawks' blowout of defending MAC champion Central Michigan was d**n impressive. Texas gets penalized for sleepwalking through the first 6 quarters of the season. A&M gets penalized for getting outyarded in both games. I don't expect Kansas to stay that high, but for now, they deserve the kudos.

5. Big 12 Players of the Week – Make your selections for offensive and defensive players of the week for week two.
Sam Bradford, Sooners QB, gets offensive player of the week for his play in the demolition of the Miami Hurricanes. On defense, I'll split my vote between Reggie Smith of the Sooners and Zack Bowman of the Huskers, both of whom had game changing turnovers this weekend.

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