Thursday, September 06, 2007

Contract Extensions & Power Polls

My boss asked earlier today why I hadn't posted anything about Bill Callahan's contract extension. I could have used the excuse it's been a busy week, but the truth is, it's not really news. It was simply the next step after Steve Pederson's contract extension. Did he deserve a contract extension and a raise? Depends on your perspective. On one hand, he hasn't really accomplished anything on the field. On the other hand, the team has made great progress since November 2005. Does he deserve $2 million a year? Again, compared to the Average Joe? Of course not. But compared to other coaches? Probably. And like I said in July, if Gary Pinkel is deserving of a contract extension, Bill Callahan is.

I've had a couple of invitations to participate in the Blogpoll and declined for any number of reasons, the most important being that until we get to October, it's really irrelevant. The boys over at Big Red Network seem to agree with their first ballot. That spawned my own idea... the Husker Mike Power Poll, where it's based almost entirely on what you've done this season, not what people thought you would do. With that in mind, here's my Top 10.

1. LSU (Beauxshirt defense was as dominating as ever)
2. Oklahoma (New QB, no problem.)
3. USC (Fast start, then sleepwalked...)
4. Florida (Score held down due to lightning...)
5. Wisconsin
6. Cal (Looked great against Tennessee)
7. Nebraska (Blew out bowl team from last year)
8. Louisville (Will drop next week after giving up 42 to Middle Tennessee State tonight)
9. Georgia
10. Kansas (Again, blew out a bowl team from last year.)

Next week's poll will be based on the first two weeks only, so it probably will look quite a bit different. And as long as I'm doing a Power Poll, here's my Big XII Power Poll based solely on last week's games.

1. Oklahoma
2. Nebraska
3. Kansas
4. Texas Tech
5. Kansas State (lead most of the game against Auburn means more than some teams "victories")
6. Missouri
7. Colorado
8. Texas A&M (blew out on scoreboard, but outgained by 1-AA Montana State)
9. Oklahoma State
10. Texas (outgained by Sun Belt team, and only winning by 8 when Ark State misses 2 field goals?)
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor


AJ said...

Does your boss know you smoke pot at work as well?




PS - KSU #5 in the Conference? Pass the duchie on the left hand side Cheech.

Husker Mike said...

Based SOLELY on last week, yes. Now whether they keep playing at that level is another question entirely, but if you are ranking performances, the Huskers were one of the more impressive teams.

Same for KSU. Texas and Texas A&M didn't play well at all, hence their #8 and #10 rankings. If Texas can beat TCU tomorrow, they'll leap most of the teams ahead of them. (I'm picking TCU in the "upset"...)

AJ said...

USC and Texas were on cruise control. Seems that every year the big boys get into a close game..people dobut them..and then they start to crush people.

I see what you're getting at..and that's a little more tolerable...but MTSU proved last night...parity rules right now. Nothing is a sure thing.

Husker Mike said...

Very true... and I expect this list to be VERY fluid the first few weeks. One of the major problem with the existing polls is that people rate teams at the start of the team and aren't willing to drop them until they lose. That isn't going to happen here... you play crappy, you drop. But if you play well, you rise. Hence, K-State above Texas.