Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Power Poll - Week 3

Here's my updated "Power Poll"... again, this is based solely on what teams have done on the field, not what they are expected to do.

1. LSU (NOBODY is playing better defense than the BeauxShirts, and defenses win championships)
2. Southern Cal (Throttling Huskers on the road rates higher than throttling Hurricanes at home))
3. Oklahoma (Separating themselves from the rest of the Big XII, though they didn't do anything to deserve a drop from #2 to #3)
4. Oregon (Huge gap between #3 and #4)
5. Florida (Fun offense to watch, but lack of defense will catch up with the Gators eventually)
6. Cal
7. West Virginia
8. Rutgers (Yes, they haven't played anybody, but they don't give you a reason to downgrade 'em either.)
9. Boston College
10. Kansas (Hey, Sagarin's computer has Kansas ahead of Rutgers. Once they hit the conference season, it'll work out...)

In the Big XII...

1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas (They've crushed everybody on their (weak, granted) schedule... a lot of other teams can't say that...)
3. Texas (Should get bonus points for going on the road to Central Florida)
4. Missouri (No defense, but the offense is tops...)
5. Nebraska (No defense either, but the offense is getting better...)
6. Texas Tech (Tell me if you've heard this... "No defense, but the offense...")
7. Texas A&M
8. Kansas State
9. Oklahoma State (Didn't show up at all against Troy)
10. Colorado
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor


AJ said...

You're going to get burned on Kansas eventually.

Husker Mike said...

I think we'll learn about Kansas for sure in October, but for now, I'm impressed with what they are doing.