Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wednesday Night Beer: Glenn Still Hobbling

The Lincoln Journal-Star reports that Cody Glenn returned to practice, but is still rather gimpy. Can he play against Texas Tech? That's still up in the air.

Certainly, Nebraska will need all the speed they can come up with against the Red Raiders. I still have nightmares of that game four years ago. I spent most of the third quarter swearing at Kevin Cosgrove for rushing three and dropping eight guys deep, leaving plenty of cushion underneath for Sonny Cumbie's receivers. Fourth quarter, I spent swearing at Bill Callahan for throwing true freshman Beau Davis to the wolves, as he threw 8 passes: 1 was caught by a Husker, 4 were caught by the Raiders. That might be the worst stat line ever seen.

While Chase Daniel's comments about the Huskers playing dirty hurt the Huskers image on Monday nationally, the more people talk about it, the more it makes Daniel look bad. Steve Sipple says that the issue was "unbecoming a a veteran player of his exalted stature." Bleacher Report notes that "Daniel hasn't done spit." Double Extra Point called him a "female kitty". And CornNation is full of comments from the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, Sarpy County isn't going to let little things like estimates that come in too high and the realization that they can't afford to build it thwart their dream of building a stadium in Chalco for the Omaha Royals. This story seems to have so many twists and turns, it's hard to know where this is going. If Sarpy County is bound and determined to build a stadium, one very well might happen. The only question is: how far is Sarpy County will to stick their neck out on this issue? Will they gamble and build the stadium and hope things work out? Will they build an econobox and hope it works out? Or will MECA come to their senses and start negotiating with the Royals again?

No matter what happens, nothing really happens until Election Day. That's when Sweetwater, Texas votes on their stadium proposal. If it passes, Sweetwater takes the lead in the pursuit of the Royals. If it fails, then the Royals have to pray that Sarpy County comes through for them, else they have to agree to MECA's offer.


AJ said...

The ONLY people commenting about it are Nebraska fans and Nebraska reporters who are looking for ANYTHING to distract them from the fact that your program is a giant steaming pile of suck right now.

Daniel made ONE sentence in a 7 minute post game interview. Since that time, not one person from the Missouri camp has said boo about it, nor will they ever, considering that you people should know how this works: Winning teams worry about games...losing teams worry about everything else.

Chase Daniel has never said one bad thing about any other team in his 4 year career. This includes Kansas, who threw urine bombs at Missouri fans his freshman year. Why would he just make it up? It's not like Nebraska is one of the national leaders in penalties and personal fouls.

Please continue to talk about it more...because the more you do..the longer it will take you to realize the complete disaster that is your program.

Husker Mike said...

Read those links again...some of those comments are from elsewhere.

The reason why Missouri fan (and the Missouri coaches and even Chase Daniel himself) knows that was a completely stupid thing for a Heisman Trophy candidate to say.

And while Daniel now regrets bringing it up, it's out there.

Anonymous said...

hick nation has bigger problems than Daniel's comments. Leach won't be as merciful as Pinkel was. As AJ said, unzip, bend over and enjoy. Your team and psycho coach continue their descent to 6th in the division.

Husker Mike said...

Hick Nation? What is this, seventh grade? If you don't have anything intelligent to offer, I might have to shut anonymous comments off again.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha,
Man, the hick comments & combine jokes are such a hoot. Yeah, I'm sure there aren't any combines in Missouri. The Big 12 is the heart of wheat country, yet AJ seems to think combines are a Nebraska thing. Oh, I'm sure there are no "people of a rural nature" in Missouri. BTW, running one of those things *IS* a lot of fun.

While we're at it, Missouri is currently getting blown out in football by Nebraska. 63-36. That's the series score. Ok, only 27 more years to catch up, including 13 trips to Lincoln. And prior to this one, we know how well the previous 13 worked out for them. Think the Tigers can hang 27 straigh on Nebraska. Maybe. It is possible. After all, Nebraska beat Mizzou 23 straight times from 1979-2002, including 11 or so trips to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Missouri. Man it took you guys long enough. Don't count on the huskers being crappy for as long as Missou was.
Here's another scoreboard: 20 - 7. That's the number of shutouts Nebraska & Missou have on each other. Maybe it's 19-7 if you discount the game Missou forfeited because they didn't want to play a Nebraska team with a black player. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Missouri: Baldknobbers

Nebraska: Pioneer Village

Advantage: Push